Exploring Good Beans El Salvador Specialty Coffee Roasters: A Journey into Excellence

Exploring Good Beans El Salvador Specialty Coffee Roasters: A Journey into Excellence

Welcome to the world of Good Beans El Salvador Specialty Coffee Roasters, where each cup tells a story of dedication, craftsmanship, and the rich landscapes of El Salvador. Let's dive into the nuances of specialty coffee, the importance of direct trade, the value of investing in specialty brews, and what makes our volcano-grown coffees truly exceptional.

What is Specialty Coffee? Specialty coffee begins with a simple yet crucial principle: we carefully choose beans from El Salvador's renowned coffee-growing regions. These regions, including Apaneca-Ilamatepec, Alotepec-Metapan, Chichontepec, Cordillera del Balsamo, and Tecapa-Chinameca, boast ideal conditions for cultivating beans that embody the essence of their unique terroir.

According to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), specialty coffee undergoes a meticulous grading process that focuses on the quality of green coffee beans and the precision of the roasting process. The grading scale assigns points to various attributes, and beans that score 80 points or above out of a possible 100 are considered specialty grade. Coffees scoring over 87 points are already considered exceptional and qualify for Cup of Excellence competitions. While in theory 100 is the top score, even the absolute finest coffees in the world usually score below the mid 90s. 

In the evaluation of green coffee beans, the SCA grading scale scrutinizes factors such as size, shape, color, and the presence of defects. Defects can encompass various issues, including but not limited to insect damage, underdeveloped or overripe beans, and inconsistencies in size and shape. Beans with minimal defects are crucial to achieving a high score on the grading scale, ensuring that only the finest raw materials contribute to the specialty coffee experience.

Moving to the roasting phase, the SCA grading scale assesses attributes like flavor, aroma, acidity, body, and balance. Roasters strive to enhance the unique characteristics of the beans while avoiding common pitfalls such as uneven or over-roasting. Achieving a high score in both the green and roasting evaluations is indicative of the commitment to excellence that defines specialty coffee.

What is Strictly High Grown Coffee, and Why Does That Matter? Strictly High Grown (SHG) coffee, a staple in our offerings, thrives in the elevated regions around El Salvador's volcanoes. The slower bean development at higher altitudes results in a dense, flavorful cup. This matters because it captures the true essence of our terroir, offering a coffee experience that stands out.

It is also important to mention that at Good Beans El Salvador Specialty Coffee is not only SHG, but also shade grown, contributing to the preservation of the coffee forest where many of the fauna and flora of El Salvador thrive. Each one of our labels features animals native to El Salvador that can be found in the coffee highlands.

What is a single-origin coffee? To commercial coffee brands, the big players in the industry, a single-origin could be defined as one country. To some specialty coffee roasters a single-origin can be defined as one growing region of a country. To us, that’s not good enough. For Good Beans a single-origin is a single individual coffee farm. That way the coffee growers are highlighted on each bag of coffee ensuring traceability down to the farm. Since we work directly and personally with the growers here in El Salvador we can even tell you what area of the farm your particular coffee came from.

Why Should the Coffee Industry at Origin Be Supported? Supporting the coffee industry at its origin, especially in El Salvador, is fundamental to Good Beans El Salvador Specialty Coffee. We believe in ethical practices, good profits for farmers, and environmental sustainability. By supporting the origin, we contribute to the longevity of the coffee industry and the well-being of the communities that nurture our coffee. 

Supporting the industry at origin by purchasing coffee from Good Beans also has other key differences than buying from a roaster in a consuming country. With us it’s not only the green coffee farmer that benefits, it’s the entire coffee industry and other related industries. Local farmers, local coffee processing mills, local roasting and other equipment manufacturers, graphic designers, printers, baristas, bag manufacturers, cardboard box makers and even logistics, all in El Salvador, benefit from the coffee our country produces.

Why is Direct Trade Important? Direct trade is at the core of our philosophy. Good Beans El Salvador Specialty Coffee Roasters values forging direct relationships with coffee farmers, ensuring transparency, fair compensation, and a shared commitment to quality. This empowers farmers and allows us to share the unique stories behind each bean, creating a more enriching experience for coffee enthusiasts.

Is Specialty Coffee Worth It? Absolutely. Specialty coffee, at Good Beans El Salvador Specialty Coffee Roasters, is not just about taste—it's about stories woven into each bean, meticulous craftsmanship, and a commitment to sustainability. It's an investment in a richer, more meaningful coffee experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

What Makes Salvadoran Volcano-Grown Coffees Special? Salvadoran volcano-grown coffees, cultivated at the base of majestic volcanoes, have a unique charm. The volcanic soil imparts distinct mineral notes to the beans, creating a flavor profile that sets them apart. Good Beans El Salvador Specialty Coffee Roasters celebrates this uniqueness, bringing you a taste that reflects the dynamic terroir of El Salvador's volcanic landscapes.

Coffee Growing Regions in El Salvador:

  • Apaneca-Ilamatepec: Known for its diverse microclimates, it produces beans with a balanced flavor profile. Towns in the Ruta de las Flores thrive in this region, surrounded by the Santa Ana and Izalco volcanoes.
  • Alotepec-Metapan: Embracing the north western highlands, this region yields beans with vibrant acidity and one of the highest altitudes in all of El Salvador. 
  • Chichontepec: Home to the San Vicente volcano, Chichontepec is a region contributing to the unique terroir of Salvadoran coffee. 
  • Cordillera del Balsamo: Featuring a range of altitudes, this region produces coffees with complex and intriguing flavors. The towns of La Libertad and Sonsonate, surrounded by the Balsamo mountain range, are significant in coffee cultivation.
  • Tecapa-Chinameca: Nestled in the eastern part of the country, this region is known for producing beans with bright acidity and floral notes. Towns like Berlín are essential players in the coffee scene, surrounded by the Tecapa and Chinameca volcanoes.

In the world of Good Beans El Salvador Specialty Coffee Roasters, it's not just about coffee—it's a celebration of excellence, sustainability, and the vibrant spirit of El Salvador's coffee origins. Join us in savoring the simplicity and richness of our exceptional coffee beans, grown in the heart of a land where each cup is a journey.

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