About us

Good Beans is a specialty coffee shop located at origin in San Salvador, El Salvador.

About Good Beans:

We're located in the trendy San Benito neighborhood in San Salvador, close to hotels, restaurants and entertainment. We are 100% Salvadoran owned and operated. We pride ourselves in serving ONLY 100% El Salvador coffees. We do not sell any imported coffee in our store. All of our coffees are SHG - Strictly High Grown (grown above 1200 meters above sea level (4000 feet) and all are specialty grade. Grown, harvested, processed, roasted, packed and shipped directly from El Salvador by 100% Salvadoran hands.

GoodBeans is located at Bulevar Del Hipodromo 537, Colonia San Benito, San Salvador

Visit us in-store whenever you are in El Salvador, we take Bitcoin Lightning payments both online and in-store (cash and Visa and Mastercard are also accepted). Order your favorite coffee to be delivered by El Salvador Mail directly to your door.

One of our owners was head barista at the 2023 PRF Producer and Roaster Forum Espresso Bar.

Coffee is a beloved beverage enjoyed by people around the world. The coffee industry in El Salvador has been a significant contributor to the country's economy for over 100 years. However, coffee growers have faced challenges due to low prices and a lack of investment in the industry.

At The Good Beans, we are passionate about keeping the value chain at origin by roasting the beans locally in El Salvador. By doing so, we provide high-quality, shade-grown, and specialty grade coffee at competitive prices while supporting the local coffee industry.

In today's world, the costs of almost everything have gone up due to inflation, except for green coffee. In nominal dollar terms, a 100 lb or Quintal of green coffee is still priced the same as it was back in the 1970s. This means that coffee growers are getting squeezed as they struggle to make ends meet and we believe by keeping the value chain at origin we can pay farmers higher prices than large coffee importers.

All of our coffees are 100% grown, harvested, processed, roasted and packed in El Salvador. We only source the highest quality beans, and we are proud to say that all of our coffee is shade grown, strictly high grown, and specialty grade. We offer a range of delicious coffees that are sure to satisfy any coffee lover's taste buds.

When it comes to the processing of our coffee, we use various methods, including the Natural Process (also known as the Dry Process) and the Wash Process (also known as the Wet Process). Both processes have their unique characteristics, and we are proud to offer a variety of coffees using each method.

We are committed to supporting the coffee industry at origin to ensure that coffee growers receive fair prices for their product. By roasting the beans locally, we are able to pay fair prices to the growers and help support the local economy. We also promote sustainable farming practices and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

We ship whole bean coffee directly from El Salvador to people's doors, ensuring that our customers receive the freshest coffee possible. Our easy-to-use online store offers a variety of options to suit any coffee drinker's preferences, and our dedicated team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

In summary, at The Good Beans, we are dedicated to supporting the coffee industry in El Salvador by sourcing only the highest quality, shade-grown, and specialty grade beans and roasting them locally in El Salvador. We offer a range of fresh Salvadoran coffees and by buying from us, you are not only getting high-quality, delicious coffee, but you are also supporting a company that is committed to supporting the local community. We accept Bitcoin Lightning payments and credit card payments, and we are proud to contribute to the circular economy by buying locally and supporting local businesses. Finally, we are committed to paying fair, above-market prices to our farmers and supporting the Salvadoran coffee industry as a whole.


At Good Beans El Salvador Coffee, we are passionate about delivering an exceptional coffee experience rooted in the rich tradition and quality of El Salvador. Here's what makes our coffee truly outstanding:

100% Salvadoran Origin: Our coffee beans are exclusively sourced from the fertile lands of El Salvador, where the perfect climate, altitude, and growing history and experience combine to create outstanding coffee. We are physically located in El Salvador and are 100% Salvadoran owned. 

Specialty Grade Excellence: When we say "specialty grade," we mean that our coffee is meticulously sourced and graded to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality set by the SCA - Specialty Coffee Association. Each cup is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Strictly High Grown over 1200 Meters (3,937 Feet) Above Sea Level: All our coffee is cultivated at elevations over 1200 meters (3,937 feet) above sea level. This elevation enhances the depth and richness of its flavors, resulting in a truly exceptional taste.

Full Origin Traceability: Our coffee's journey is a direct one. It's grown, processed, roasted, packed, and shipped directly from its origin in El Salvador to your doorstep, ensuring freshness and authenticity in every cup.

Direct Trade Philosophy: At Good Beans El Salvador Coffee, we practice direct trade. By eliminating intermediaries, we ensure that the benefits of your purchase go directly to the dedicated coffee growers in El Salvador, supporting local communities and offering reasonably priced, high-quality coffee.

Villa España Estate: Our flagship partner farm, Villa España Estate, located in Concepción de Ataco, El Salvador at the heart of coffee country at 1466 metres above sea level has a legacy that dates back to 1860. Today, it is managed by the Mena Brothers, the sixth generation of coffee growers. The estate's accolades include the prestigious "Ganador Nacional" award by the Consejo Salvadoreño del Café in 2022 and participation in various Cup of Excellence competitions since 1997.

Signature Blends: Our primary coffee beans shine in two signature blends:

  • Torogoz (House Roast): A harmonious balance of flavor and aroma, suitable for all coffee enthusiasts.
  • Mapache (Bold Roast): For those who seek a bolder and more robust coffee experience.

Both blends are a F1 coffee (Sarchimor x. Sudan Rumé) using a semi-wash process, ensuring distinct and captivating taste profiles.The semi-wash process, which involves removing the cherry's outer skin, leaving some mucilage intact. This process results in a unique flavor profile that blends the characteristics of both washed and natural processing methods.

Limited Editions and Guest Coffees: Our menu is ever-evolving with the introduction of limited edition coffees, such as our Guara range, featuring unique and rare flavors. Explore our diverse offerings, including guest coffees available in limited quantities throughout the year.

At Good Beans El Salvador Coffee, we invite you to embrace the flavors of our homegrown, specialty-grade coffee. Join us on a journey through the heart of El Salvador's coffee heritage.